Monday, August 17, 2020

The Self-Love Handbook

 Record numbers of people are unhappy, depressed, and without purpose in their lives. And they mistakenly blame this on the outside circumstances inside of their inside environment. 

According to the World Health Organization, more people die every year from suicide than war or homicide. This shows that the real battle is on the inside.

If you want to increase your understanding and awareness of self-love, respect, confidence, and appreciation, The Self Love Handbook is for you. 

Unless you are actively involved in a carefully designed system, you will not be able to appreciate yourself fully and attain a new level of existence. Action is needed for permanent transformation.

In this ebook you will be shown:

  • How to master thoughts and emotions
  • 5 of the best self-love exercises
  • How to master your habits and compound them for an exceptional life. 
  • Why thoughts are the ultimate ‘habit’ to master
  • 4 things to find your inner self in the quickest way possible
  • A better understanding of what self-love is, and what it is not.
  • The difference between self-esteem and self-love
  • Practical ways to build self-love on a daily basis
  • The inner mechanics of self-esteem
  • How to steadily build self-esteem and confidence
  • The essential stepping stones to achieve higher states of awareness
  • 7 practical ways to build self-esteem
  • Ways that people sabotage themselves that you need to avoid
  • How reality is just a state of perception
  • The difference between the law of attraction and shadow work
  • Why you need to start focusing on yourself more
  • The best creativity and imagination tools to expand your awareness
  • 8 highly effective purification techniques
  • The power of intuition, and how to hone it. 
  • Why you need to love everyone
  • Why you should leave everyone to their own devices
  • A list of additional resources for inspiration
  • How the subconscious mind works and how to manipulate it. 
  • That life is fun and meant to be enjoyed
  • And much more!

What's Included:

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $164)

Module #2: Point-By-Point Checklist (Valued at $20)

Module #3: Top Resources Report (Valued at $17)

Module #4: Mind Map (Valued at $18)

Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $170)

Module #6: High Converting Opt-in Page (Valued at $34)

Module #7: Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $180)

Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $18)

Module #9: Social Media Swipe Kit (Valued at $28)

Module #10: Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)

Module #11: Article Pack (Valued at $46)

Module #12: Social Media Image Pack (Valued at $57)

Module #13: 10-High Quality MP3’s (Valued at $32)

Module #14: Official Master Resale Rights License (Valued at $180)

Module #15: 10 High Quality Step-by-Step MP4 Video Tutorials (Valued at $297)

Module #16: High Converting Upsell Page (Valued at $170)

Module #17:  7 Day Autoresponder Series (Valued at $46)

Module #18: Top Forums and Blogs (Valued at $27)

Module #19: Keywords (Valued at $16)

Module #20: Presentations (Valued at $86)

Module #21: Feature Images (Valued at $46)

Module #22: Transcripts (Valued at $176)

To Your Success,


P.S. – Life is much simpler than it is made out. All it takes is for you to focus on yourself as much as possible and try to be the best that you can. You are deserving of ultimate love and respect. But unfortunately, you are your own worst enemy and engage in self-sabotage, just like everybody else. You don’t need to spend 5 years in a monastery pay $10,000 to a ‘Guru’. You just need to love yourself and be happy on a daily basis. It is far easier than you think.

P.P.S – Do you really want to pass up the chance of learning unconditional love?. The key to transcendence, bliss, confidence, happiness, and fulfilment? There is nothing more important than learning to love yourself more. If you do not actively change yourself, then you are going to keep getting the same results. Stop sabotaging yourself and give yourself the gift of self-love today.

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